Got a nice e-mail from Allan today. Got an annoying e-mail from Keith, too. He was responding to my e-mail to him and basically made excuses for it all. Whatever.

I think this is a good thing, in a way, that I can see people in a different light. There are a lot of people I don’t like. There are a lot of people who are interesting. There are a lot of interesting looking people who are boring as hell.

Ever hear an interview with Janet Jackson? I saw her in Letterman or something once and damn if she did’nt sound boring. I see guys with exotic looks and swarthy shells who are either stupid as a rock or boring as the mold under the rock. What’s up with that????

I guess I am ranting. I have a lot of people in my universe who vary in a lot of ways. Some are sweet and nice as anyone could ever be… but dumb as a stump.


Don’t I sound like such a bitch? well, FUCK YOU. ha ha ha ha ha…

Today went by so fast. Today is my Saturday from work. It turns out it is my Monday for school. I swear I just woke up and am already ready for bed… but Adolfo and I are supposed to go out for a drink tonight. YEAH!

God help me… can’t use any names here. None mentioned above however; that has to be cleared up for the sensative folks out there. All I can say to them: “At least you’re pretty…”

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