I have managed to get this bloody diary back into operation. The solution required a little flexibility, but alas you can see and hear me now. Just as this thing went kablooey I wanted to write more about a man I knew well who passed on. He was a good man and I wanted to honor him in an entry.

Estuardo was married to Rosa whom you can see in some of the older pictures in my gallery from when I was in Boston from 1996 to 2000. It was an honor to know him. Adolfo told me something about Estuardo that – based on the man I knew – struck me profoundly: “Maybe he was one of those angels you like?”

Yes, Rosa, you knew him better than I did. Profound or not, I had a rather pure vision of him. He was always kind and he was always as generous as you were in love and friendship.

Changing Subject:

Not to labor the grief I had for his passing. It’s time for life to move on. The same could be said with my little friend in Texas. As previously mentioned in older diary entries I had a falling out with Pumpkin Man.

We exchanged a few e-mails. He was a decent friend over all. But, the deception and lies of his life were factors I could not accomodate. I tend to be an honest person, or at least I try to be. I am too honest… but my deceptions are rare.

Changing Subject Again…

How do you like the new web site look? It will come together a little more and look better as I have a new computer monitor finally and can actually see the graphics I design. The colors of the Union 76 gas station are close to my favorite combination of colors. I want to paint my car the same colors.

I cooked for a wedding last weekend and it went very well. I brought along Keith and Adolfo who were MAGNICIFENT. I am glad I had people with me I can trust and it was like a great symphony! I was thrilled. We were working nearly 12 hours and with the money I made I got this new monitor. Ha ha ha… relief!

I could go on for a long time… so I will close this out now. Love, Happiness, and Prosperity to you all! I miss many of you muchly!

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