Today I found out a freind of mine from Boston died. His name was Estuardo… he was a good man. He had a huge heart and was one of the best people I have ever known. “Why do the good die young?” I don’t know. Even as I type this my eyes are so swollen I can hardly pay proper repsect to his memory.

Rosa and Estuardo were a sexy, vivacious, diarmingly charming couple with two very handsome sons. Her family is amazing. These two people were two perfectly shaped puzzle pieces that fit.

He had cancer… I found out not long ago and I guess I took it for granted that he would be okay because he had a remarkable spirit. Rosa was a shining light… she radiated so brilliantly that I could hardly imagine Estuardo ever losing track of her.

God… I hope he is in a better place now and is looking at all of us remembering him.

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