I have been keeping very busy. School working, some assemplabce of a social life. Last night I want to a GodSmack concert at the House of Blues! Oh, I was pure bliss!

I was in the middle of all these skank breeders and saw a lot a skank women. One bitch almost got her achilles tendon cut when the tall cunt stood in front of me and kept flipping her skank Farrah hair all over the place.

Ugh… but I think thoughts like that gave me some bad Karma… because I got the shit beat out of me at work today. Ugh… I hate the fat bitch supervisor that was there. I want her road kill. BUT, she is too fat to get run-over or anything like that. Fat bitch, cunt, dyke from hell, cow.

How do I really feel?????

Anyway, I had a lot of fun there with Keith. The loser brought NO MONEY so he could do nothing after the show. I wanted to gamble, but I got the feeling quickly that luck was against me. ugh…

Anyway, I am heading to bed soon. Got work and school in the morning! Ciao babes!

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