Good news from what I can see… Tom is doing better. His eyes seem almost unnaturally large all of a sudden, maybe because he was squinting so often for a week or more before. He takes his medicine well … this includes 4 to 6 drops of one medicine in each eye per day, AND 2 drops of another medicine in each eye. He’s such a good pumpkin!

School starts again next week for me. I have been struggling over the whole goals thing. I began registering with the University of Phoenix for my degree in IT, but got side-tracked when I checked out CEI and registered for a series of certificated programs with them in MicroSoft (the devil’s) software. Ugh… at least it could mean a better position for me someday.

The balances for the Culinary Career v. Information Technology is perilous because I am starting from the bottom in one and have an established hiostory in the other. There is some security in cooking, but it is not work for the cereberally inclined. I like to use my brain and I feel like I am in a mental vacuum.

Fact is… a lot of people in this industry are basically ignorant, self-indulgent, needy people with more mental scars than psychologiest or sociologists. The out of control Id in these poeple sucks. I got caught up in a lot of that in school… it clouded my goals and feeling toward some people. I also started looking to other people more for approval and was being extremely tough on myself. I guess I decided I did not need that.

There are some remarkable and fun things about cooking, but I think without that monkey on my back it frees me up. I do not need to shudder when a supervisor is ticked off over something or sink into the shadows when one more chef is having one more mood swing. I am over it as of now.

So, I already began looking for a new job. I would like to stay in the Venetian for a while? Maybe get into their IT department, but therein lies a new mystery. How? I have been paying attention to the people working there and spotting the IT poeple though we are far removed from them.

Anyway, I hope I am making the right turn. What about my goal to open my own restaurant? It’s still there, but it will come to life maybe a long way down the road?

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