Today was the day I did not want. Well, today was the day that went by too fast, because my whole day was bizzy.

This is me and Tom; my puppy. Over the past few days we have noticved Tom has been squinting a lot, rubbing his face on the carpet, and basically has been kinda struggling. His eyes have been really red and irritated.

I thought it was allergies. Unfortunately, nothing was letting up so I finally took him to our vet today. After blood tests and exams I was told that he might have Gloucoma. Holy Shit! They gave me a referral to a Animal Opthamologist.

So, I drove over there for another visit and he got poked, prodded, and squeezed. The docotr have him shots in each eyes. Oi Vay! They put these test strips in his eyes and stuff. Poked him in the eyes with some machine that measured pressure inside. Oi! Poor puppy was so cool through the whole thing.

Anyway, he is on medication 4x day and is at risk for losing his vision. He has about 30% loss of vision right now and is struggling a bit.

In the end, the bill for the day was 400+ with insurance to buffer the costs at 1 of the 2 doctors. Ugh… so at least he will be okay…

In other subjects today:

I signed up for school today on a program that I thought would last about 9 months. Looks like it will be a year. A year. A year. A… mother fucking damn year. It’s a prgram that stirs toward some of the goals that I discussing in previous rants… I mean diary entries.

These are microsoft certifications for applications and hardware for my resume. I want to get my bachelors, but I decided to hold off on that one for a while longer. I can get some serious work by going this route which means more serious $$$ for me. Me me mememememememe.

The University of Phoenix was a good avenue for me, but from what I saw they have a lot of problems. The infrastructure is questionable at best. I have to wonder where the validity is in the accredidation of the school is????

When I was on the campus they could not get their computers to print a simple Adobe file. We went through a couple machines and no luck. Thei IT guy was there who acted like it was no big deal and barely cared… so I asked “how is a school going to teach me about IT when they cannot get their own computers working?”

No one actually asnwered the question. i called and left a message on the Dean’s voice mail. God knows where in the world this dean is at? The woman working with me on my enrollment wrote me this morning a very professional reaply which makes me think she got reamed?

What else?

I got my electric bill today. It was 200 for one month?!?!?!?!?! ugh.. summer here sucks so bad!

I wanted to go to the Blue Moon resort and hang by their pool, but other important thingas came up… my Tom-Dawg!

nighty night… Big Brother is on so leave me alone!

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