As you can see, I have been making some changes to the site. This is supposed to be my swansong as it were, but I have said that before. I think this will be the last change to my site… but time will tell, huh? New pics coing later this month were supposed to be used for the creation of it, but I am having trouble managing my navigation of the site on my desktop alone.

Adolfo and I went to my moms for Thanksgiving on Thursday. Actually we left here on Wednesday night and got to momz at a reasonable time.

My mom and step dad smoke like chimneys, I do not think 10 minutes passed when there was not a cigarette in their hands or burning close by. It was like a MAD Tv commedy sketch. Because with the cig was coffee brewing until late in the night. How are these people still alive? I really think I smoked about 2 packs of cigs just from the passive smoke. A lung was hiding… oi vay.

I love my mom and step dad a lot and I worry about them a lot. Step-daddy dearest is not doing well physically and mentally right now. Age is kicking him in the ass. My mom is strong, but I wonder how she will manage when/if she is alone. I cannot see her being alone.

Friday morning we went over to my dad’s for a second dinner. I have never mentioned the word “gay” with my dad… I wondered if he knew. He HAD to… and on this he was meeting Adolfo for the forst time. Everything went GREAT! I was in shock… of course Adolfo always starts the story with a visit to my dad’s gun collection… ha ha ha.

My dad is a bonified Republican, IRA member… uses the work “nigger” and “spic” with absolute comfort. He worked as a truck driver through half his life, as an artist, as more. He was raised in the midwest so you can imagine his conservative roots… thenhe had me. Ha ha ha ha!

More to cum!

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