I updated my Christmas List again. I am also working on keeping my head above water for the next few weeks. The holidays are going to be peachy again. Always it’s a money issue.

Whatever… we plan on visiting mom for TG day then to my dad’s the next day. Dad still has not met Adolfo and I am gitting my teeth over it. My dad is Republican, blue collar, and collects guns … you do the math.

Last week I also had my first Personal Cheffing client and it was great. I am so happy that it went well. The menu was:

Bitter Greens with a Walnut Vinegrette

Filet Mignon with a Cognac Sauce

New Broccolli with Pine Nuts

Chinese green Bean with Sesame

Bourbon Spiked Yams

Chocolate Cheesecase with Raspberry Sauce

Sound yummy???? It was a great menu that was not hard to put out at all. I started it all off with a nice cheese platter.

Otherwise, there is not a whole lot of new things to announce or talk about. My trip to Singepore starting January is basically fading before my eyes. I am set to graduate school soon and the Art Institute does not know how they are going to manage my Externship. I was supposed to go to Singepore and attend a school there for 4 weeks then intern for a few months following. I had just got Adolfo used to the idea… not that he was happy about it at all.

I took a job offer at the Venetian for a full time position inthe Pastry Department. I am still doing paperwork, but I anticipate it will be a good thing no matter how long I stay there. It will be a trip… I like most of the people there.

So what then? I plan on having my own restaurant one day, moving out of this god-for-saken hole. ergh!

It’s all good.

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