I am really trying to update this much better. I have been very busy juggling life, school, Adolfo, and other things that I drop the smaller balls. No… this is not a dirty pun.

In the last entry Adolfo and I were arguing. That lasted close to a week, but we managed to get it back together. The problem is we are both pretty damn stubborn. Things have been good for a while again and though we have had the occasional close call… it all makes a difference when one of us is willing to drop the blame-game. Though, everyone should know, it’s his fault. (oops)

Adolfo’s sister and niece have been here since Saturday. I also have been trying to play hostess here and yet have been really busy as well. They took us out for dinenr last night then we went to go and see the x-men. We went to Todai for dinner… the one here in Las Vegas WAS a great place to eat but it has been going down hill. It’s a japanese restaurant but nearly every person preparing food there is fucking Mexican! The assholes can barely speak english! They do not even know the names of Japanese dishes.

Oi Vay! I was also at PF Changs on Friday night and was watching the kitchen staff. They are all Mexican too! One Asian dude was the supervisor… but damn… these kitchens are going to hell. Cheap labor, hard workers, good cooks, arogant butt heads … it’s just amazing. This is just one more sign of this countries decline WHEN these people have to represent the company image to the public. As a culinary student, I imagine that unless I am willing to be underpaid and have to work with people who cannot speak english, I can expect that a job in this field is out of my reach.

Frustration. I was working for Grand Lux Cafe (an arm of Cheesecake Factory) and had to work with a wad a Mexican cooks. 50% assholes 25% egomaniacs, and 15% nice guys. Yeah yeah yeah… I am missing a percentage… that missing percentage will be my “benefit of the doubt”.

I did NOT START THIS ENTRY to bitch about crappy labor practices. In fact.. I understand it. Get crap employees to pump out a corporate product and save big money. Problem is some people will fixate on the fact I used Mexicans as my subject. Not.. get over it… open your brain… do not be totally stupid.

Bet that helped my case!

I have mid terms this week and I am stressing. I am hoping that making a diary entry will let me vent my thoughts and be relieved to sleep. Adolfo is out tonight with his sister at a club and I hope they are having fun. It is nice to have an evening alone. I called in sick to work tonight and I feel bad about it… could not be helped. I also have not had a day off in over a month and am starting to melt…

Dog accidently hit me in the face and I have two cuts… one is deep. Tom scartched me under the eye and just tore the skin a little. Second one made a deep gash on my nose. I look like I was beat up. I’ll tell everyone that Adolfo beat me…

The Las Vegad version of “The Burning Bed” … HA HA HA HA HA HA

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