Look.. more than 10 days since my last update. Well, this has been a week for sure. It is interesting how the cosmos makes things happen. Anyone who doubts fate and the universe should live my life. How I can communicate the happenings to you? I do not suppose I can, so take my word for it.

My two best freinds on the planet out of most of my life contacted me in the last week. 1 was out of the blue while the other… I knew was coming, but WOW.

Ed called from Long Beach and we talked for a long while. I am sure she… I mean he must be seen in my photo gallery SOMEWHERE as for a long time Ed was never far from the camera. Then again, he is mostly featured frp, 1990 to 1996. I was so nice chatting with him and catching up. I hope I hope I hope he comes to see us soon form Long beach with his new BF! OH MY GAWD… Ed has a BF that has lasted 4 months! What good news!

Terry was my best freind in high school. We met in my sophomore year and we hung really tight until long after high school. We graduated in 1982 from a place in the middle of the desert. Annnnnnyway… he took Adolfo and I out to dinner at a regular haunt of our at the MGM. I think we talked almost 3 hours and we probably bored hig beutiful wife Cathy and son Cory to death. NOW… the problem is I know both of them read my diary now and half of Visalia (so I hear). SO.. I have to be careful and honest about what I write…. honesty becuase it is a beast inside me that must remain true…

Well, it was like 20 years never passed. Seeing Terry was like we were going to hang out on another Saturday evening and shill out together… go to a movie… whatever. It was so good seeing Terry again! I cannot say how much this week has meant in that sense. I miss my friends SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much and here in Las Vegas that is a commodity rarer than any precious gem.

Cathy and Corey were super adorable and sweet and nice and wonderful. I hope we maintain a freindship!

Today I made Easter dinner. I made a spiral cut ham with a nice crust on it. Corn Pudding, Greens Salad with a dressing I made, Roasted Veg from a marinade I made, and my garlic/cheese biscuits. This was a very very good dinner I made. I also made a coconut cream pie with a grahma and roasted almond crust; all topped with merengue. Delicious! Yet no one… NOT ONE OF THEM appreciated the meal. ADOLFO DID, but he is an angel anyway. I WAS SO PISSED AND DISAPOINTED AFTER ALL THAT WORK AND TRIUMPH! I will get over it, but I told Adolfo that I do not think those people will be invited back for dinner again.

We need new friends. We need real freinds. ….

I am off to bed… nighty

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