Adolfo is still in bed. I am up having coffee. A little stressed this morning. Adolfo and I have been knawing at each other since yesterday… nothing major. I think he is a little distressed over the fact that our relationship is taking a new turn. I secured an apartment for us this weekend in the same complex. It is a two bedroom and we are moving in on the 16th of this month. He admitted that I am building this ideal image of our relationship and he is worried it is being built out of paper mache.

The apartment is larger than the one I am living in now. It gives Adolfo a bedroom of his own if he needs it and guests a place to sleep. Check it out at the above link if you like.

I have gifts sitting here on my desk I have been meaning to send out. Gifts (yes, plural) for Allan in Houston, something for Ruby-Boobie, and Ed in Long Beach. I have got to get these sent out!

Any way… I have groused enough. Talk soon.

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p.s. – I am trying to update this page so it looks a little cleaner. What do you think?

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