I spent the last 14 hours at school completing a big ta-doo over the school’s grand opening. I am tired. Pooped. And I wish I was cuming home to Adolfo tonight for a hug and a kiss. I ran a rissotto bar there and I met a few of the local polital types including the guy running for Sherriff: Randy Oaks. I also met Lorraine Hunt, current Lt Governor and she is running for something or other. I think I voted for bothy of them last week (Nevada has early voting).

Tom the Dawg was home along for that whole time… 15 hours total … he was a good boy!

Not doing anything for Holloween. I am working at the storeo tomorrow night and could nto be happier about it. Better than sitting at home wondering if some kids are going to knock. Ergh!

Getting to bed swoon… Scott

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