I need sympathy. Well, I really need some help. I feel like one of those pathetic, sad, destraught people who can barely function. You see, Friday night while I was in San Francisco I hurt something and since then it has gradually become worse. I thought I pulled a muscle? This morning I started to realize it was more like a pinched nerve? Now, I am wondering even more??? Could this be a hernia? Or could it have started as one of the above and then became something else? Argh… every move I make now it hurts like HELL!

I felt a muscle that seemed to start at the top of my right glute or near the base of my tail bone that hurt like hell but I was dealing with it. It gradually got worse here and there, but with the miracle of drugs, it was tollerabel. Finally as of this morning it became intollerable. I cannot pic anything up off the floor or move very easily. School this morning was painful and getting around today was a bitch x 10.

Oh yeah, I mentioned I was in San Francisco. Friday night I was on another plane to another destination. I went to SFO for another carefree weekend of sin and delight. Yes, again without Adolfo, but I wished he was there. I’ll discuss that leter. Back to me…

Stayed at the Sir Francis Drake which is a hoity toity hotel on Powell and paid 500/night for a closet bedroom and a nice living area we barely used. The room was nice, I admit, and was centrally located to all the important shit. On Friday night we had dinner at the Scala Italian Restaurant in the first level of the Drake and had a fabulous meal done by a talented chef. Our waiter was super and dinner was super. We had to wait an hour to be seated without a reservation, so we went up to the Starlight Room in the tower of the Drake which is supposed to be -all that. Well, if you ask me it was none of that! It sucked. Dinner was a great reward for patience though.

Saturday we took out Lexus silver convertable sports car (fancy with satallite and a silky voice that talked to us) and went shopping. That was totally cool! We found a cute breakfast place at Powell and Sutter called Roxanne’s Cafe. Lunch was a hot dog at Target in Redwood City. BUT Dinner was a lovely lovely place called La Folie on Russian Hill in the city where we had champaigne with a four course meal. I cannot recall having such a wonderful meal! I had this filet mignon with duck liver and a lovely sauce over it. Later, we went to see Mama Mia and WOW the evening was complete! Oh my god this was so so so so so so so so so so fun.

Sunday was cool, too. We had plans on going to Napa, but did not make it. We ended up checking out China Town and then Japan Town for some last minute shopping. I wanted to get to the culinary strores and find some neat stuff. I came away with a couple cutters for garnishes that are totally cool and I found a cute gift for Adolfo. I got him a panda bear with a jade ring hidden in the pocket.

WHO did I go with? Why wasn’t Adolfo there? What is the deal??? Well, the trip was part business and part work… in essance this guy hired me to help him with some things and along the way I get to tag along for a lot of fun. I set up his trip and tickets in SFO… blah blah blah. Adolfo knows everything and it is all good and innocent.

Adolfo’s schedule does not really allow him to travel like me. I have been very fortunate recently and count my blessings! As I reported in my previous entry, Adolfo was asking for a “break” with us. When I came back we talked and I know he loves me a lot. On occasion he might need space and I will give it to him whatever. He works too much and works very hard in some menial jobs that do not offer much nthe way of rewards. That Sunday night we had the BEST sex (love making)!

So tonight, we had dinner out and it was really nice. We visited Paula at the MGM Buffett and ate too much. I gimped around and limped, moaned, and piddled about effectively pathetic looking. Sitting down, getting up, moving around… damn it hurts! He was quiet and seemed so unhappy, much as he appears in a lot of those pictures, and people keep telling me. You guys do not see the moments he really seems happy, because Adolfo practically glows! He is so loving and sweet some times.

Would you believe I have told him I would marry him tomorrow if we could. I love Adolfo more thatn anything and though I might have thought this way before, I can say it is how I feel now. I know when I was with Brian, I was so incredibly certain that Brian and I would be together forever. Adolfo is different and the respect I feel from him is better and stronger. I can also be honest with Adolfo about myself more than anyone and it feels good.

Oh well. I have been praddling on too long. Looks like I am going to saty home on Wednesday to try and feel better. I do not have medical insurance and need to get in touch with the VA to see a doctor. This whole thing is starting to get unnerving. Oh well…

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