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I am writing about my writing again. A few months ago I tried to raise some money to get my book published, but the universe said “no”. Which is fine, maybe it is not my time yet. But, then again, maybe I needed to put some more work in what I wrote. I knew there were some details in the story arch as well as some feedback I got from editors I needed to address, and I think I am.

I did not create this image. I found it randomly on a google search. “Nephilim”

As of today, I am halfway through a re-write I started in December or November. I am simultaneously putting it into a screen-play format on a 10 episode arch. Doing it this way has allowed me to finetune and focus. It has also allowed me to use tidbits from the next two books that are relevant to this part of the story. Essentially I am installing some Easter Eggs that have more meaning later on and help move the story forward. Also, taking out some of the garbage that did not need to be there. 

I see that things I write as if a movie is playing in my head anyway, which makes writing kinda cool because I get to apply those images into a story as if it already existed. 

The story is good, but it needs another editor and then can publish. I cannot afford to pay another editor out of pocket… so we will see. I think I really, really have it this time. 

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