In my downtime

As usual how I chose to spend my downtime seems to be with a focus on my projects. Downtime is relative now, because I am unemployed as of Thursday. I left my job to make this move to Las Vegas. Alas…

I am still working on my books series for Eldritch and I will say that I keep running into some huge disappointments. I paid close to three thousand dollars or more on editors and am realizing I have been seriously let down. The last Editor might have been just as worthless as the first. Yes, they both helped me on some levels, but I had hoped that through this process I would have a refined book that an agent might see and say – I need to have that. 

No. Not at all. My ego would not see that it was money thrown into a shredder. I have been working on these three books for ten years and am confident I have a good story, but it needs a lot of love and attention. Maybe with details I am not great at seeing. 

I finished the 2nd draft of book 3 this week. Megan is going through Book 2 and making notes for me right now. So, I am going back into Book 1 and touching up details in smaller bites so that I am focused on the path through the landscape in order to fine tune details with things that happen much later in the story. One of these days I will get someone to publish it or do it myself. If I don’t drop dead first… 

January Update

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