I am going to Burning Man once again… because I got a ticket

 I was blessed with a Burning Man ticket out of no-where. I knew one would come my way, but this one came as a gift based on some of my volunteer work in the community. This is the first time out of all these years where it was gifted to me. The cool thing is that it came to me so unexpected, I am still wondering when the other shoe will drop. 

So, the plan for my return to Black Rock City is already in motion. This year is different from any other year. That is because I was going as a tourist, but then again I was lying about that, too. I signed up to volunteer as a ranger and went through some training in the last couple of months. I have a big test, then I get to play dressup for Burning Man. 

To be honest, I am considering another theme camp for 2023. But, it seems like a mistake to try and start over again. I am no spring chicken anymore. With all these sucky health problems that keep coming up… planning on on-going relationship with Burning Man might be an over estimation. 

Fuck, I am tired tonight. I cannot focus on anything… so I am going to make this short and rough. 

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