Coming out of the gray clouds

I am trying something new. I am trying to be more present in the moment. I am trying to let go of a wrecked past with a father that I grew up with dastardly past. I am trying not to focus on the things that haunt me:

  • rp_n716785438_2386663_7043742.jpgthe things that life has wronged me with
  • the things I am missing out
  • the shiny object in the corner

In other words there are operative words in the first paragraph that were paramount: staying in the present.
I found that I felt lighter in the present when I stop fussing in my own head about all the things that are going wrong in my life. I consider myself a ‘glass-half-full’ person but that seemed to be masking a Debbie-Downer that lives at the core of my being.
Frankly, I hate seeing anyone stuck in the mode of a black cloud over their heads. I would love to see someone finding their path of light. I would seek to help that person find their light all the while ignoring my own. But maybe it is time to pause and figure it out.
The NPR posts I made yesterday here on this site and on Broken Wifi [dot] Com are a glimpse into what I am trying to do to better myself. These words make sense to me. I even listen to some of the posts by Rich Dad Poor Dad that inspire and  create new thinking.
To stop growing is death. To stop dreaming is to stop living.

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