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I turned 50 since I last really posted and this was the most unceremonious and non-validating year I have ever experienced. Is it weird I am having flashbacks to when I was a kid and I got cheated out of a birthday party when I was a Farrell’s Ice Cream wp_20141005_006Parlor when I was – like seven. We still lived in the San Fernando Valley at the time.
CMonster does try his best, but he is not equipped with a lot of common sense when it comes to things like birthdays, holidays or such. The thing is I know he loves me and for some reason on this planet I got lucky in the area of love once again. If you remember Adolfo (my ex) then you would know I have been lucky at least once before. I lost him for my own stupidity.
For whatever it is worth things are feeling very raw and I have to get my life on some sort of track so that I am actually moving somewhere. I figured out I have been much like a turtle since I left Alexander’s. I keep retreating into my shell and hiding from the world. Working on my stupid Burning Man stuff is the thing I seem to feel passionate about.

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