2013 Cargo Cult Trip Report

Another year passed and I would have to say this was my finest; with the exception of my first year. One could point out my last two years were so awful, but for that I only have myself to blame.

I did threaten fate, as it were, by swearing I would have a drama free burn. I brought my own theme camp. It was SunGuardians positioned at 7:45 & I with a 60′ x 60′ span of land that resulted in pure heaven.

I developed this project almost 3 years ago and finally found the right opportunity to see it to life. 3 other people saw my vision and jumped in and together we made it happen. It was a real group effort and I could not have expected that a first year theme camp could have gone more right.

My burn was fantastic because of the people I was surrounded by. It was the people I got to know better and the new people that crossed into my life.

Las Vegas in da House

Seeing my old roomie, Gemini, was sublime. I spent a lot of time with her in her camp called Whofarted? Camp.

I got to spend some time with others including Dirk and Holly at Kosmic Dust and Gary and Damien at FUCK Camp. Yes, that was the name.

I also met Barb and Tom who happen to camp right next door from us at Sun Guardians and I kept thinking of all the people they needed to meet in Vegas. Their initial encounter with certain Vegas leadership left them cold. But! I assured them that city is packed with amazing burners!

One night on the Crisco Disco art car my camp-mates from

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