Frustrated with Bullshit

The month is coming to an end and with it the complete lack of faith that the universe and I are going to come to terms with my employment. I am clawing at air trying to find something to feel like I have a purpose.
As much involved with the Burning Man stuff as I have been in, I am seeing it all really as a meaningless ‘thing’ anymore. Somewhere what was something pretty cool got lost and became lollipalooza. There may not be a ‘Coca Cola’ logo on the road into Black Rock City but there might as well be.
At it’s core there is cancer. But the elite that it caters too, for the most part, cannot see the forest for the trees. The leaves of these trees are money and shiney golden tickets.
The ticket fiasco this year was just another coffin nail, but it’s not there for me to say or to pound it in.
I have had tremendous highs in this world and have experienced the lowest lows,  but I sit here ready to walk away from all the work I have done in frustration. To see people like distant family members with all the cool toys and someone like me always looking in from the outside.
Some advice was to stay out of the BMHQ nest of vipers and it appears it is advice to be heard.

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