My 2011 Burning Man

I updated my 2011 page for Burning Man today because as I roll forward I want some sense of my plans posted even if no one is paying attention. Grr…
Pity moment over! ha ha ha
Well, I am literally at war with two local strong figures in the Burner world because I am standing strong against their really bad behavior and I am getting my butt kicked by people who put their heads in the sand. There is always that danger that I was wrong, but I am getting a lot of support OFF the record and in some occasions ON.
The thing is Burners generally seem to want to stay away from drama and are willing to put up with crap and avoid avoid avoid rather than standing strong and saying – “oh hell no!” Me, I really believe in Burning Man and I believe in what the I get from the 10 Principles and I hate to see it crapped on like it is.
I cried about this in a previous entry on my Burner Blog and the drama has continued. In fact, the tension has continued. I made the post public because I felt it needed to be discussed publicly and when that happened it took new shape.

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