Hey Sexy

Somehow this morning I seem to have smokers voice… what is up with that? Do I sound sexy, baby? HA HA HA… I already started working this morning after an hour plus wasted on CityVille. Calling metal fabricators to get the materials I need for my art project, then also hoping to get on with all my other plans.
I am worried, very worried, about income versus ability to go to Burning Man this year. I am looking for a job and even though I am doing that I am not working. No income coming in, not really, but what there is is finite.
Anymore surprises like I got for NY’s (my clutch dying on my car) that cost 400$ I did not have to spend and I am toast. For the very grace of God was I able to do anything about it, but it kills me on 2 items I was intent on doing in the next week.
Money donated through the IndieGoGo funding campaign is to stay separate and accounted for. I do not want any blurry lines.
Anyway… I hope all goes well. I have some amazing stuff to offer.

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