The New Year

At the end of 2010 I made a promise to myself that I would not put any negative statements on Facebook. I see a few people posting out their personal dramas on there and I do not think people care. Even friends or psuedo-friends as it were.
I’ll say this… 2010 ended in fireworks and 2011 started in ashes and a foot full of dog poop.
In the evening of 12/31 my Chamsa broke off my neck; it is a charm that in the magical world is designed to protect one from evil/demons (one in particular but I wear it as general protection). So, I drove off to the party Friday night and and had an amazing night. BUT! When I was ready to leave after I could not move my car. Some part of the clutch went out so I have to leave it there.
The next day being a national holiday, I could not move it. But Monday I got it to the garage and that bill came to 400$.. every cent I had so now I am broke until next week.
On top of that, my phone is not working correctly and half the buttons will not do anything. Nothing happened to it as far as I know, but I see a separation between the face and the body. Ugh… so irritated.
I know all these things sound minor and little, especially in the face of other people and their bigger issues, but it feels like since the beginning of the year there has been one problem after another.
I’m just bitchin’ because I can I guess.
Along with this rant, I’ll note that Aldo and I broke up on Christmas Day and I was really bummed. He did not deserve me. He blew me off on Christmas and my birthday so those were the coffin nails as it were. He was such a cute, sweet guy and was actually into me but I will NOT be dissed!!!
Okay, more to come soon.
How do you like the new design?

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