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So, I have been toying about another major renovation on my personal site, and here it is. Symbolism has always been something that appealed to me. Note the Tree of Life in the corner and the angel logo on the Burning Man section.
Now, maybe I can start contributing more and communicating better. Within the last week, we had gay-pride here and I realized I was really was further from the gay community than I should be. There is something to being involved. I certainly put a lot of myself into the Burning Man culture.
See, I have felt that most gays have been vapid and shallow. It’s a turn off to try and connect with someone and not have anything to hold on to. Perhaps my expectations were more selfish? Perhaps I expected too much? Yet, here I am single once again and this time – not so bad.
So, as the year drags on I am looking ahead for a sign post for my next journey. I need to figure that one out still.

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