Curious Capricorn/Dragon

This one Astrology that I check in with combines my sun sign Capricorn with my Chinese sigh Dragon and in the reading below it is as if they know me well. Not to mention the “loss”, well since my car just went back to the bank I am hoping that is all it meant. Jinkies!!!

You’ve made it through 2009 without undue misery, Capricorn. None the less finances have been tight, your love life has been about as stable as the Argentine economy, and your family life has reared its niggly little head more than once. But you have made strides. And that’s what is important. In December, you may suffer a loss. It appears material. A car gives up the ghost? A lover defects? A parent suddenly divorces and gets remarried right under your nose? Don’t take it too hard. Wait it out. Work on your art and continue to develop your skills. December will also give you time to scour the nooks and crannies of both house and head so that you can start the New Year with a clean slate. Get rid of old junk around the house. Strive for minimalism. Organize your office. Do you have an outdated system of keeping information straight? I recommend going paperless. Pay your bills online and start an electronic database for storing any necessary information. Paper files are so 1999. Get with the times, Capricorn. You will save loads of energy and time if you accept the conveniences of modernity. You can retain some of your more charming conservative qualities like insisting on sending snail mail and choosing the perfect postage stamps for the recipients. But strive for more office efficiency. Enjoy the holidays. But watch your tendency to squander money. 2010 will improve your life immeasurably. But you will need some cash to get it started on the right footing.

So, interesting. Although it describes me as being somewhatbehind in tech – not. I got it going on technically, ha ha ha ha.

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