Decompression Stock 2009

We drove out to the DECOMP site today and set the gps where we will be setting up. I am excited about getting out there and enjoying the event. I am also glad we are not doing this at the lake as usual.

Cam is taking the lead, but it is good seeing who is out there helping out. I went out with Melissa and PirateRon was with us. But other interested parties headed out as well. I know some of them were there just to take care of their own projects/installation on the playa surface. But I really enjoy most of them.

Decompression is 10/2-10/4 and there is information posted about it on as well as other information on how to get on the mailing list of the meetup for the events.

Spaghetti dinner is at Cam and Melissa’s house again on 9/25. We are gathering pictures from Burning Man 2009 where Mikah will put them into a slide show. Bring your pics on a disc.

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