so on Facebook I did a bit of a rant today because of someone else’s entry. It was a super whine from someone I carried a lot of respect for. Ugh, without stabbing a finger at the person directly; truth told I am just frustrated with people here in general. I did my grousing a few entries back where I included pictures of some of the offenders.
So, on Sunday John came by out of the blue and planted himself in my living room not without a few words from me on his arrival. I told him I was pissed at him for leaving me in the dust while he was dating this German douche… no apologies or explanations from him.
His appearance allowed me to step away form some work that was frustrating me. However, all he did was anchor himself down on the couch and watch the television. I had plans on going to the gym before a Burner event that night… so we went together.
We still had almost nothing to say to each other. It was annoying because it was still burning my ass he had no excuses for this idiot German douche. He kept saying – we are not going to last… blah blah blah….
I recently posted a “status” on facebook:
Scott Kay just curiously (in one adjective) are you my penpal, friend, lover, stalker, obsession, lust-bunny or new-red-rash? Who are you???? ANSWER ME!”

Well some people took it too seriously and others got the spirit of the concept. One person in particular sorta kicked me in the balls… I thought we were friends – but apparently I was deluded. deluded – again.

Vomit – whining again. Bitching… here I am looking around and trying to decide if it is worth staying here in this village of the damned. I have a soul, no wonder I do not belong here. AHHHHHHHHHH

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  1. Dude…get outta there. Keep the cool people you've met, but get outta there. Vegas is like a venus flytrap…it attracts victims with the flower of its neon and flash…then devours them. New buildings grow over night like mushrooms feeding on the rotting dreams of the trapped. But, hey, that's just me =)

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