I have done a lot to prepare for this journey and have made a lot of life changing decisions in the last year to be at this point. Getting through Burning Man is going to be a launching platform into a new year for me. I am already defining what that year will be and what those priorities will take the form of.

I am certain I will make Burning Man next year if there is one. I think there is too many people invested in this monster to let it die, but them old codgers running the show might be getting tired.

Even our local community seems to be having a funeral right now. Although we have a truly magnificent placement and camp at Burning Man this year, the local people who drive a lot of the events are taking a powder. There are a lot of reasons in the air and the worst of them is politics and hurt feelings.

I personally have managed to avoid politics and conflicts that always exist in groups. It is funny, because on a couple of occasions someone tried talking to me about it all and I found a reason to be somewhere else. Ha ha ha….

God I love these people, but I am staying out of the cross-fire. This comes as I want to get some of my people together and plan the DEMCOMPRESSION. I have a bunch of ideas and I want to do something to raise money for the group to take care of some things.

Sigh… in less than a week I will be at Burning Man.

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