It’s funny with all the bitching and kvetching about friends that – occasionally – there are some nice surprised. Mexican-John materialized this weekend after more than a month absence. Turns out he got involved with some douchebag (oops, I mean he was dating this guy) whom I met today. One word: douche. Have you figured out he is a douche yet…. ha ha ha

It was really good seeing him again. At least he is seeing that this guy is a solid mess and will be out of the dating picture soon – I hope.

We went to the movies to see District9 and I liked it a lot. Douchebag (aka Erich) came with John and he disappeared in the bathroom for a long ass time. Then apparently he could not figure out from his ticket what theater we were in, so I come out looking for him and see him in the lobby trying to call John to find him… sigh.

He came in… but I look over and DB is gone. Gone… gone. John says he left. After John said he paid for his ticket and everything… DB did not have his wallet or his car so I am wondering how he got out of there. Damn – some people.

Ugh. At least I got some pool time in today and met a couple of cute boys. They were very sweet and hope they hang out again. yey!


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