So, I manage site vistor statistics that are working behind the scenes of the web site and I can see where people are from that are visiting. One of them is easy – mom. Yes… mom’s been on the site a couple times and that’s cool. BUT then I am confoosed because there are people hitting the site that I have no idea who they are…

NOT COMPLAINING! My blog used to carry a lot of fans. The numbers dwindled at one point; mostly through my 5 year+ dysfunctional relationship with Adolfo. I think people were bored or just tired of the groaning (not the good kind of groaning).

California Cities

1. Tehachapi
2. West Covina
3. Palm Springs
4. Los Angeles
5. Redding
6. San Francisco
7. Emeryville
8. Dublin (not ireland)

US States
1. California
2. Nevada
3. Texas
4. New York
5. Arizona
6. Pennsylvania
7. Wisconsin
8. Washington
9. Kansas
10. South Carolina

World Hits
1. United States
2. Canada
3. Russia

So feel free to add comments or notes! I love hearing from people. Within the web site are 2 of my Tweets and I have a 3rd one @LVBurners which is posting on www.LVBurners.com


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