Dark Skies is a mini Burningman (so I am told)

My last entry has an update. The web site connection problems to the Dark Skies site has been cleared up. It might have been the time of day or something bizarre like that… I dunno. But they are only selling 250 tickets total and I would imagine that by now those are all gone.

Bummer they are limiting it to 250 people but I can see why. But having seen the pictures from last year posted on Tribe.Net it looks like so much fun. There are so many women going… I need more men (young men) out there to keep me amused.

One bit of good news is that my art is aparently going to be featured as the logo of the event this year. I gave them 3 concepts and the 2 not used are posted on my www.art23design.com blog.

I’ll post out the accepted one once the event is underway….

Oh… Jack Rabbit Speaks is an excellent resource for people starting off this journey. Now I found all kinds of cool stuff on Burningman.com so check it out and I will add links to my cover page as soon as I can.

Let me know if anyone is reading this?????

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