empty… feeling very frustrated and adrift right now. I fantasized about being independant as a designer but I am not sure I am equiped for that? I am asking myself what I am capable of? I’m lost when it comes to marketing myself though I thought I had a sense of the pulse.

I had a small accident in the car yesterday. Man hit me in the rear, drivers site on the way home from yoga. It was very disapointing. My spirits have been under a gloom as my LOVELY car is getting so beaten up. I just don;t have the resources to make the flying toaster nice again. So far the car has been hit 3 times this year.


Now, school is over and I have a few things to wrap up, but I am still not working. Unempoloyment in this city is 10%+ and some employers are turning into absolute rapists when it comes to remunerations. Anger, frustration and poutiness.

I suck. Hmmm… okay. Pitty pants off now and move on…. shit

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