There has been a lot of things that have weighed heavily on me lately. Some of my demons have come back to haunt me and with all the pressure on my head it has become very prevalent.

1. I burned off the poisonous relationship with my father as I will with anyone in my life that is a bad energy. Years of verbal abuse and just outright meanness have taken their toll and I figured out he was, and never will be there for me. Not since I was a kid… maybe he realized he had some faggot for a kid and wrote me off long ago anyway.

2. I had a really dark experience when I was a kid (17) and it haunts me. Can;t talk about that one.

Oh God there is so much more. But it is late. Suffice to say that an angel touched my heart today and all the broken glass moved a little closer to a whole. This kind of healing needs a lot more than one angel can mend. But durnit, it helps a lot.

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