Closet Case Dialog

This is a conversation I have had with the same person for 5 years. He is a closeted married guy that I know and is just so confused. Note how he decribes himself as a Republican? This is why gay&republican is just all wrong.

[07:31] CLOSETGUY: morning….how was your weekend?
[07:31] Tuiel: good morning… nothing special
[07:32] CLOSETGUY: same….just hung out with my friend, helped him move, etc. He had me busier than the last Hebrew slave on pyramid building day!
[07:32] Tuiel: good, some real work will do you good. ha ha ha
[07:32] CLOSETGUY: he did buy a Madonna ticket for helping…so we’re going on the 16th…woohoo!
[07:32] CLOSETGUY: leaving the wives at home
[07:33] Tuiel: fags
[07:36] CLOSETGUY: what?
[07:36] CLOSETGUY: why?
[07:36] Tuiel: texan without a clue… ha ha ha… madonna will let you queer heart soar, mary
[07:37] CLOSETGUY: oh plz….
[07:37] Tuiel: how does closet-wife not look at you and say something like: “I love you and out naughty adventures babe, but you are a homo.”?
[07:37] Tuiel: out=our
[07:38] CLOSETGUY: because I like madonna?
[07:39] Tuiel:
[07:40] Tuiel: tell me you love mariah carey and then you are al set
[07:41] CLOSETGUY: hate her….too ethnic
[07:41] CLOSETGUY: My favs are Madonna, Erasure, Abba, etc
[07:41] Tuiel: black you mean
[07:41] Tuiel: ha ha ha
[07:41] Tuiel: ha ha hahah a
[07:41] Tuiel: oh my hell… I am too funny
[07:42] Tuiel: Erasure – WAY GAY
[07:42] Tuiel: when will you come out of the closet mary elizabeth?
[07:43] CLOSETGUY: Erasure is not gay….
[07:43] CLOSETGUY: jeez
[07:43] CLOSETGUY: although, I did go to the True Colors Tour
[07:44] Tuiel: ARE YOU INSANE? Are yu just pulling my rope??? 8====O …huh? Erasure IS gay
[07:44] CLOSETGUY: but left…Margaret Cho was too crude
[07:44] CLOSETGUY: I went with my friend and his wife and closet-wife
[07:44] Tuiel: you walked out on margaret cho?
[07:44] CLOSETGUY: but I couldnt handle the bush bashing
[07:44] CLOSETGUY: yes
[07:44] CLOSETGUY: she was foul
[07:44] Tuiel: you are just wrong
[07:45] Tuiel: wrong!
[07:45] Tuiel: wrong!
[07:45] Tuiel: wrong!
[07:45] Tuiel: wrong!
[07:45] Tuiel: wrong!
[07:45] Tuiel: wrong!
[07:45] Tuiel: wrong!
[07:45] Tuiel: wrong!
[07:45] CLOSETGUY: look, he’s ex-navy, and Im a republican at heart. I cant sit and listen to someone talk that badly about our president and his wife’s pussy
[07:46] Tuiel: wrong!
[07:47] CLOSETGUY: yes she was….so we left
[07:47] CLOSETGUY: but erasure was awesome
[07:47] CLOSETGUY: so was Cyndi
[07:47] CLOSETGUY: love her
[07:47] Tuiel: man. you are just wrong

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