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I guess there are times when you are faced with the world around you and … well, I seems like with debt and stress one feels 3 feet underground. I have a lot of debt right now and more to come, especially with graduation from school on the horizon… yes the evil student loan.

I owe so much money. I saw a news report that the average college student has 20K in student loans and 5K in CC debt. Wow, not me! I will be leaving school with close to 80K in student loans and have almost 10K in CC debt. Not to mention my car payment that is friggin high and other bills. I have a good salary at work and I am still living paycheck to paycheck. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

My personal dilemma today is not only my fiances, but relationship stuff with friends and others. Back to Ben (first of all), I found out he tricked with a guy I know and he is dating 2 different guy; what was wrong with me? Oh fukit as they say! He is not a bad guy, just could not tell me he was not interested… actions speak louder than words??? Am I listening?

I have been trying to talk to more people… sadly that it is mostly through the site. If they are just not interested they are extremely rude and put up fake or severely outdated pictures on their profiles. OMG! BUT, there are occasions when these guys look MUCH better in person rather than their on-line pics.

So, I feel kinda weird and could not sleep last night at all. My head was in a bad place and still is to some degree. I’ll pull out of it by the end of the day, but DAMN I need help getting my finances together!!!!

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