There are days when my self esteem hits the dirt. Tonight I went to Coming Out Day festivities in Las Vegas. It was a nice event, but the headliner had not shown by 10pm and I was over it by that point; it was Ultra Nate. What the hell happened to that career that she is on a shit stage with SERIOUSLY BAD LIGHTING. Sigh…

The real thing is that there were a lot of people there with friends and I was alone. Gr. Just sucked… I have few friends. I keep my circle small. but this is ridiculous.

Hmmm… tomorrow is supposed to be a good day. Still waiting for proof of that. The last few weeks have been a serious disappointment because people flake like HELL here. I am so frustrated. Nah, now I just depressed. Ugh…

Well, time will tell. School is over in a few months and life can go in any direction from there.

I’m tired and babbling now. I will update you about tomorrow if things go well. xo

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