I was way wrong about my previous map to BurningMan… I have the correct information now. It is 495 miles from Vegas and estimated 10 hour drive to get there. It is located 120 miles north of Reno of all places… not sure why I said it like that in my head… yes, I type what I think sometimes.

Talked to Michelle today and she was sooooooooooooo jazzed about her experiences there and there is a page on the Burning Man site with people’s stories about their experiences. One guy gave an interesting story and made me very very very curious! Oh, the stories are so exciting sounding!!!!

The map up top might be kinda small, so I have a larger version available here.

I also was cruising around to learn more about the event and found some pics. I told Michelle and she totally remembered the water truck. So, this and the many things I have read are making me so excited about this journey!


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