Sunday… again

Another weekend bites the dust. Today was a day worthy of the record books in some way, because it was liberating. Yes, the same party atmosphere at the private pool. But at the end of the night we were all shocked to realize it was 10pm.

I’m still a little inebriated as I write this. So imagine that my eventual trek into bed is going to be a challenge as I am still wired and still buzzing from the events.

Other news… I had a date with that guy last night. Code name Gabriel…. not his real name but he wasn’t to be anonymous. Let’s see how long that lasts with me. He declined to go to the pool with me today and that was prolly a wise idea. It was good though… and as of today summer is over on the books. If there is another pleasant weekend left then who knows?

I invited a lot of people for the day today… each and every one of them flaked. Las Vegas is a horrible place to try and make friends. People are so unreliable. Ugh…. it makes me sick.

Okay… I am going to try and make it to bed. night night babys

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