romance gets a rug burn

As mentioned in several of my previous posts… this is an homage (sp?) to the end of Summer 2008. This was from our outing at the pool. This is Ben with me in the image. Damn, he is cute.

Dating wise… well, I got hit with a right hook this weekend. NOT LITERALLY! A guy I have been flirting with for the last 3 years or so became available and called me. We were both in relationships and there was this attraction that existed. I never anticipated it would go anywhere. He recently ended an 11 year relationship with someone… no not Ben. This guy will be called Gabriel because he says I cannot use his real name … I decided I would kindly honor that for now. So let’s see what happens?

Okay! I have more pics and will be updating the new gallery soon! Ciao for now bitches!

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