Burning Man 2009: Official Announcement

I am officially announcing an organized trip to Burning Man for 2009; man you got to do some things in life at least once. So, I will be adding a section of my site just for that purpose. I will come up with a name of our community. We will caravan out and rendezvous at the site.

Already a few people have intimated a strong interest. So, the end of Summer 2009 will be a new dimension in spiritual growth for me and the ethereal souls who will join me on this journey.

Here is an interesting article on the event as wll as the main web site for Burning Man if you want to read more. As this gets closer I will add some more links so people can learn more about it… I will be doing my own reading.

2009 will be a special year for me and I want to share it with others too. There will be joy. There will be an escape from the modern world. But hell yeah there will be an RV to sleep in… ha ha ha!!!

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