I spend too much time in my own head. My brain is going 20% faster than the rest of me and I do not even get the benefit of the intellect hat could potentially go along with that. Basically, the best applicable phrase is … spinning in my own shit. I like life on FF, but the problem is that it is hard to slow down.

So, I dragged my FAT nasty stinky ass out for a run tonight. It was inspired by Kenny Upton and some others I know that lost their boyfriend-weight and I am falling behind. While out jogging.. while out listening to pod cast.. I thought about 50 different things.

Back to Ben… the word is Patronizing. I wondered if he is patronizing the fat boy or being genuinely friendly? I’ve been wrong about people a lot. I’ve been right more than I have been wrong. It’s hard to tell because my antenna is twisted.

I have decided that the 3 guys I have crushed on over the last few months… none of them deserve me. I felt so strongly connected to these guys and in the end it was like a fiery plane crash in the middle of the Amazon.

I’m not fat… a little overweight. Okay, much more overweight than I should be but I do not think I look like I am 60#’ over. SIXTY! FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!

No one is reading this damn thing anymore… I hear the crickets chirping. Even my most loyal fans have gone away… durn… 🙁

So, I have made a decision. Let’s see how long this lasts! I am going to diet through Thanksgiving in an effort to lose weight. I am going to do what it takes and see if it can happen. I know about 1/2 a dozen guys who lost between 30 to 50 #’s of fat and a couple that lost 180 to 220# of b.s. that prove it has to be successful.

Jogging, Yoga, and dieting. Wish me luck and give me your prayers….

…and where are all the comments from the people I gave Authoring access to???

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