Day #1 in the Bahamas

The trip out of Las Vegas was not looking good at first. US Airways is the single worst airline I have ever flown on and I’ve flown! The flight was scheduled to leave at 11:30 pm and fly all night into Florida. With 2 broken planes later we finally left before 3:00 am and sat around the terminal. A good looking guy was flirting with me… he was good looking and had lovely eyes… but as sweet as that was let’s be real. It was entertaining at least.

So we arrived on the island by middle day in a plane that was two people wide. LITERALLY! So here are a few snaps!

1.On the last plane to the Island
2. From the plane over Florida
3. From my room
4. Me and gal Cheryl having a light dinner and the 1st of 3 cocktails each. Good suggestion Ken!

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