Dating – Men are Dirt

I have now been single again for a year. Can’t say the experience has been rewarding… no not in the least. I am pretty sure if I had not met Adolfo when I did and that we had not been together before that it is likely I might not have met anyone here. The faults of guys seem magnified here. Men are always looking for something better. Men are afraid of commitment. Men play games and delude themselves and the people who care about them.


Maybe it is, but I keep holding on to hope. JUST meeting someone you can feel close to and stand next to and know that person has your back is such a big deal when that person comes along. Call him friend or lover, but both in one is awesome. In Vegas I want to meet someone like that.

Guys here are either whores, work-a-holics, or whores. I know a guy here who has been with his BF for years and I am fairly certain they are in the .0001% that are ACTUALLY monogamous. But damn if to look at them if they aren’t the most boring and dorky looky guys you have ever seen in your life…

Wonder why I have the jaded hearth on the web site now??? ha ha ha

I’m not really too jaded… and this is not a sour-puss’ rant. This is just a bitch session.

Yes, I miss Adolfo. But in some ways we were really wrong for each other and in other ways we were a great fit. But a year is gone now of being apart and I am now okay. I took a while to walk on my own… seems to always take about a year.

I met a guy in Portland (refer to last summer’s entries) that I fell for… but that was wrong too and so was he. God, what an idiot he was.

I met a guy on Facebook I think is way cool, but he lives in Boston.

I don’t have time for anyone – in reality – but that does not seem to be stopping me. from looking… I’m just a guy looking for another cool guy.

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