Sunday Mourning

I’d like to be able to report anything special but – life these days is anything but. I am always behind at school and have no real free time. Even today, I planned on hitting the books with the day but there is stuff going on that is going to keep me from all that. Jeff from L.A. is in town and we are supposed to have lunch together. Then I am going to catch a yoga class… then home to study. Yeah me.

Tomorrow, the ‘rents are coming into tow. At least my mom and bob are going to be here. There goes Monday… oi vay.

Good news is I got a replacement phone and it’s better than my old one. I hate talking on the phone, but it is a necessary evil.

Still not dating… I did tell Adolfo I needed to space and that our hanging out was not really good right not. Especially since he was not willing to commit to anything or pursuit the relationship. Since then I have not heard from him.

Sucks how life can be sometimes. But it’s just a door closing, right, and then a window opening? Sigh! xo

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