The Weekend

This was a pretty interesting cap to a week that was full of stress and frustration. I was in school all Saturday then went to the gym where I ended up in the center of drama. Well, at the beginning of Yoga they made everyone leave the gym because there was a fire upstairs. I could smell the smoke… ew. So, 40 mins later we came back into the gym. I still don’t know what caught fire.

Sunday I hooked up with pal-John for his birthday. We galloped over to Borders where a couple chefs from Top Chef were signing their cookbook; a Top Chef Cookbook. It’s a nice book. Cheap and cheezy… but fun to see them. Got autographs and chatted about cooking. Oh wow.. it was cool. Then we shopped (window style) and toddled off to the gym for a shit workout… but enjoyed the eye candy!!!!

Then… off to FireFly for dindin. YUMMERS… I had Charizo Clams… so good!!!

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