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The holidays are finally getting here and with it… schedules and life takes turns unexpected. It’s good and bad in ways, because it changes life’s pace. As of this week I am working again and getting a salary at a level I could hardly have imagined in the kind of work I am doing. I’ll be making nearly a $K more per month than I was making at the Venetian… which means I should be able to get caught up with bills soon and get my shit together.

I graduate from school with my BS in about 15 months, but at least my art work is taking shape. I am hoping my sites will improve with some of the coding classes I am planing on taking next quarter.

Maybe I am not nearly as neurotic as some of my previous entries suggest, huh? Especially the ones over the last 6 months. It feels good to be working again although my schedule is really busy. Well, honestly, I like being busy.

Still, I am trying to get caught up on bills and all right now. Money is still an issue and I am worried about all of it. It goes out as fast as it comes in and that sucks. Well, isn’t that life….

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