I have not made an entry in a while. In honor of Deb, we went out for a bite tonight. So, I have to makes notes. We just went over to Paymons for Mediterranean food. I had a falafel and she had half of a cow. In fairness she thought she was ordering something much smaller but this IDIOT waiter that was there … oh he was awful.

Well, I ended up updating BookOfUriel.Com with some art I had been fussing with over the last couple days and I wanted to play with one of the scripts I was using in the gallery pages. All of that is in much better shape now.

There was a new energy in the air this month… I felt it. In spite of mom’s b-Day on the 1st, the smell of moolah is finally coming my way in the universe. Thank God!!!! I’m behind in my bills a little, but the sum I made this month will help catch me up a little bit.

Let’s just say some good things are in the air. I am very happy about that for sure. Mom can relax a bit and everyone whose tit I have been sucking from on the last 6 months can also breath with great relief. hmmmmm….

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