the name is Evil, Dr. Evil

After everything yesterday I find myself expereincing a lot of reflection. In fact, some might say I am looking back. What causes that is this… this year my outlook on WHO I am has been challenged often. In recent days I’ve been told by a few people that I am a self person who thinks only of himself. I’ve been told I am a mean person. I have been told I am responsible for drama. I’m not thinking of people around me and the results of my actions. All of these things combined … by the important people saying them … you might start looking for the 666 birthmark on me somewhere.

Look inside… is evil incarnate present?

Good morning world… evil here. I’m going to start by going by the pseudonym “Dr.Evil” … doctors get paid more. So, I present myself and open myself up to say that through all of this I can only be the best person I can be. If you find me harmful, then you’re probably best off without the persecution of my company.

Oh, that sounds sarcastic.

So, if I am evil incarnate then let this be my angel …

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