05 August 2007

I have not made a significant update since the date listed in the title. Since then my job prospects seem to have gone down the toilet – here in Portland – and Kiyo dumped me to go back to his ex. Turns out he was seeing his ex from time to time while we were seeing each other. I’m not mad about it, just bothered by it. So, I’ve been here for less than 3 months and have been dumped twice. It’s good for the soul… makes a tougher skin!

My dinner party went off very nicely this weekend. I flew to Vegas to cook for one of my clients and i was a significantly nice occasion. But, it was prolly the more expensive bbq’s anyone ever saw. I had to charge him for my air fare. Ugh!

The flight there went quite well, but the flight back was miserable. My reservation was jacked up and there was no flight for me when I arrived. I booked on another flight costing me an additional 100$ and from SFO to PDX the flight was delayed like 3 to 4 hours… at least Ihad a good dinner there. Chinese food.

Well, that’s it for now.

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