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“Adjustments may need to be made for you to relate well to people and situations today, dear Capricorn. Somehow things are a bit off kilter and you may find that the harder you try to fit in, the more you are apt to feel like an oddball. Try not to get caught up in other people’s battles and work to maintain a balance between real life and fantasy. Be careful that you don’t get so caught up in someone else’s world that you forget to deal with your own.”

This was my horoscope today… and this is exactly me. This is exactly my biggest social problem in Las Vegas, especially at my last job. You want to trust people and feel like you’re on the same team, but often you’re not. I consciously make an effort to separate myself from the dramas other people are making public. My last job made it very difficult, because people in my immediate area were always voicing their dramas about work and trying to rally people against other people. Gosh, I sit here thinking back and did not realize HOW MUCH people did that there. Oi Vay!

Speaking of which… I had a dream last night and the guy who was my bosses – boss was in my dream… (cold shiver).

ALSO on… I still am getting the occasional jibes over my phone loss and my hand reaching into the abyss. Ew… shiver, cramp!

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